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Health and Wellness

35% of our model is Holistic health, wellness & wholeness. We have an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach on staff. In addition, we have added an extension to our holistic approach to wellness with a collaborative Family Nurse Practitioner on our team. 

Certified at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Endorsed by the institute to offer support, coaching, and training

Leads with compassion and uses

in-depth knowledge to gently guide

Certified Yoga-Fit and

Tai Chi for Arthritis Teacher

4+ years of Nursing Experience

11+ years working in Healthcare

Provides care that empowers physical, mental, spiritual, and social health

 What is the

We seek to provide health and healing to all facets of human well-being. While we originally founded upon treating the client's emotional and mental needs, we expanded to care for the full circle of human health- including the body and soul.

of Blue Ridge Hope's Holistic Health and Wellness?

Allyson practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that she looks at how all areas of your life are connected.

Are you ready to start feeling better than ever? 


Kristin provides needed medical services and creates individual care plans with team members.

Which includes holistic assessment, diagnosis, medication management, health education, and case management.