Travis and Allyson live in Western North Carolina. They have worked in serving their community as long as they have been married!

Travis is a grief counselor who served with Hospices in Western NC and Charlotte, NC for 10 years. After his time with Hospice, Travis served as a director of an adult day health facility. His experience in helping individuals cope with death and loss is second to none. Travis has overseen many grief groups, as well as grief camps for children. Travis prides himself on his ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds. His approach is client-driven. 

Allyson is someone who deeply cares for those brought into her path. Over the last several years she has been on a quest to better understand how our health, wellness and self-care play an integral part in our happiness and quality of life.  She has a presence that makes her clients feel loved and valued, and she believes that we all can make changes that better our lives. Allyson is the perfect health coach because she leads with compassion and uses her in-depth knowledge to gently guide clients to hope and light. 


It is essential as you process life that you are aware of the resources that help anchor you.


Travis and Allyson will guide you in identifying the places in your life that feed your soul and help anchor you in safety as you prepare to take great risks as a leader.


This can be the most difficult process. Travis and Allyson will help you launch your goals in the areas of personal development and leadership.


With a holistic approach they will help identify the forces that are keeping you from moving forward.


This is the most rewarding aspect of the process. Here is when you realize you are achieving your goals and making progress.


Travis and Allyson want to make sure that you keep in flight as you soar in achieving your goals.


Counseling and Health Coaching to Anchor Your Hope

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Hope Rising provides a safe place for pastors and church staff to express their
own person experiences and process the demands of church culture.