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Mental Health Counseling and Grief and Loss Coaching

40% of Blue Ridge Hope's operation is Mental Health Counseling and Grief and Loss Coaching. In its infancy, Blue Ridge Hope was created as a nonprofit to offer support & coaching in the areas of grief & loss.

13 years of grief and loss experience 

Leads with emphasis on the health of individuals

Executive Director of Blue Ridge Hope, designed overall vision for larger influence.

Certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors 

NC Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate

An abundance of experience and compassion for clients

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 What is the

We seek to connect individuals with resources that will help them be successful in attaining their emotional goals, reconciling personal loss, and personal development of spiritual wholeness.

of Blue Ridge Hope's Mental health and grief counseling?

Life can be tough. Connection helps. Stay connected.

Hold tight to hope. Take care of yourself...your WHOLE self.


Grief is lonely... you don't have to be alone.