Do you have your days and nights mixed up? Sleep trouble!

OK, you probably don’t have your days and nights mixed up like a new born baby but do you feel like you just can’t sleep at night? Or you can fall asleep but staying asleep seems like the stuff dreams are made of?

In today’s microwave world of racer paces and fast technology, good sleep often seems illusive. We are so busy that shutting down our monkey brains, as my friend Amy calls it, seems next to impossible.

Are there things we can do during the day to help us at night? Are there things we can do at night to make sleep attainable? Yes and yes! Let’s explore some ideas.

1. I saw the light! – Well maybe so but artificial light while you are sleeping is not helpful; particularly blue light. Blue light is emitted from electronics, such as our phones, TV’s, iPad’s, you get the picture. Give yourself 30 min before bed without any electronics. Read, meditate, have some pillow talk with your significant other but put the phone away! If you can keep electronics out of your room altogether that is even better!

2. Feng shui a-bye baby – Crazy as it sounds feng shui can apparently be an integral part of a good night’s sleep. For example – you should use a non-metal headboard with soft edges, and don’t use under your bed for storage. Keep the clutter to a minimum. The bed position is also important. You should be able to see the door, but it should not be in line with the door. Feng shui also suggests that you not face the bed towards a mirror or against a window. Who knows… worth a shot!

3. Caffeine loading. Hold please... Although you may not feel like caffeine affects you, it could be having a bigger part than you realize. If you have multiple caffeinated beverages a day cutting back or eliminating it 4-6 hours before bedtime.

4. Rise and Shine! – Expose yourself to natural light very soon after waking. Open the blinds, have coffee or tea on your porch. Not only can this help you sleep better, it’s a great way to have a great day!

5. Destress, decompress – Take time for yourself during the day to chill out and slow down that monkey brain. Take a short walk, do yoga or meditate, take a hot bath, or turn on soft music, pour a glass of wine and actually enjoy cooking yourself dinner. Self-care can have a great impact not only on your sleep cycle but your overall wellbeing.

Alright you Sleeping Beauties, try out some of these suggestions and let me know if any of these work for you. Night, Night!

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