Grief and a year

So, there is a vicious lie going around.  A lie that leaves many grieving people feeling even more disheartened and isolated.  A lie that is often told by those who have no clue what a grieving person experiences.  The lie is: "Grief only last about 1 year."  Of course, by the fact that you are reading this post you probably already know how big of a lie this is!  

Grief has no predictable or orderly time line.  Grief is its own experience and that experience is individual and different for each person.  Of course, there are similarities in the process and there are feelings and experiences that can be described as typical with grief.   I can say with certainty that the feelings of grief only lasting one year is NOT one of the typical or expected similarities.  

I have seen throughout my career many grieving people feel even more pain because they felt that something magical would turn or change at the 1 year mark.  In most cases, they were disappointed.  Grief more often than not is a movement between pain, sadness, and then some moments were the pain lessens, and then back to more intense feelings again.  This back and forth movement is very common and expected.  This can last for quite some time.  

Having a counselor, a coach, or therapist can help you when you are traveling the path of grief.  Sometimes having someone who understands the landscape of grief and can help you in the process can be meaningful.  Of course, Blue Ridge Hope would be honored to attempt to be a guide in this process.  If you would like to know more you are welcome to contact us.  





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