Boosting Immunity Can Be Simple

In general, boosting immunity can be accomplished with a few simple, healthy lifestyle choices. Get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet of whole foods, stay hydrated and manage stress.

This is a terribly stressful time. People are loosing their jobs, people who need human interaction to thrive can't get hugs, and we are all ready for COVID-19 to be a story in history books. But for now, we are socially isolated or coming out of social isolation. Some are on this borderline as to whether we should wear a mask or not. Or if we do or don't wear a mask, what does society say? Is the information we are receiving true? There are so many questions and everyone seems to have an answer... and of course theirs is the right one!

When we are stressed, the cortisol levels in our body increases. This increased cortisol level can suppress the immune system. So what can we do to manage or reduce our stress?

  • Gratitude. Gratefulness produces a positive attitude, which produces joy, which reduces stress

  • Relaxation techniques: meditation, yoga, breathing exercises

  • Exercise or being active. Go for a short walk.

  • Journal. Write the things you are grateful for or write about what your dream vacation is. You can Google "journal prompts" if you need some inspiration

  • 5 minutes in the sun increase serotonin and improves mood; therefore less stress!

  • Overall healthy lifestyle - sleep, diet, staying hydrated. Imagine that! 😉

It all connects! A healthy lifestyle yields less stress and less stress boost immunity. At a time we are concerned about the possibility of becoming sick, the one thing we can do when we feel like there is nothing we can do - is take care of ourselves!

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