Not another diet!

There are a gazillion different diets. Well maybe not that many but it sure seems like it! There are the ones that most are familiar with; keto, paleo, weight watchers. But there is also the baby food diet, peanut butter diet and Hawaii diet. If that means I get to go to Hawaii - sign me up! But seriously, peanut butter diet? Did you know that there is no perfect diet? In fact, throw out that 4-letter word! What we need to do for 2019 is NOT diet.. it's about living a healthier lifestyle and healthier way of eating. And I am excited to explore with you what that looks like.

Everyone's body, make up, metabolism, gender, race is different. We are all 100% unique. The idea that a "diet" or lifestyle should be based on the individual is called "bio-individuality." For one person, the best option for them is to cut out all breads & pasta because it makes them feel lethargic and heavy in the stomach. For another, these types of carbs may be what they need for energy. For another... cutting out all sugar is the answer. For some, counting calories is key but for others it sets them up for failure. The key is to figure out what YOUR body needs. A couple of key ways to do this is to be mindful of what you are eating and think about the idea "you are what you eat." We have all heard this before. How does what you eat make you feel? Do you feel radiant and energized? Or sloth-like and achy?

One thing is for sure, eliminating processed foods and eating more fruits and veggies, is a key component and a great starting point for feeling your best. Processed food is easy, and it's convenient, but the chemical, preservatives and junk that is in processed foods is terrible! For me personally, the biggest issue that I have with eating healthy is the preparation. You have to have a plan and you have to take time to meal prep. This isn't always easy on your own.

One thing that we are going to do different in 2019 at Blue Ridge Hope is a support group to help you find your own bio-individuality & grow as a healthy person. Healthy physically of course, but also mentally and spiritually. One goal for this Healthy Living support group is to help encourage each other, to offer ideas on how to make cooking simple and to get together once a week to talk about what is working and what is not. During this once per week meeting, there will also be an opportunity to do some meal planning and prepping. Meeting face-to-face is not mandatory and for those not local, that's ok! We will also be sharing this information in the Facebook group.

We are all in this together. Let's make 2019 a great year of becoming our best selves! If you have any questions please contact me -



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