Clean Quarantine

Your home should be your safe place, your sanctuary, the place to gather with friends and family. Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, and for at least the next month, our homes are now office spaces, classrooms, dance studios, music studios, and much more.

Have you ever taken the time to consider how your home could be impacting your health and well-being? Not just from a physical health perspective but mental and emotional health as well.

During this time of social distancing and self-quarantine there are may things you can do to optimize your time and improve the health of your home.

  • Reduce the use of chemical cleaners.*

  • Store paints and harsh chemicals outside, i.e. such as a garage.

  • Use metal and glass for food storage, not plastic.

  • Take off shoes and open windows.

  • Use EWG's guides to locate safer personal care and home products or consult with your health coach.

  • Cook with stainless steel or cast-iron pans.

  • Use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, add a little essential oil to the dryer balls for a clean scent.

  • Buy plants - this improves air quality.

  • Dust and vacuum often as dust is a chemical magnet.

  • Replace filters regularly.

*Using cleaning products containing chemicals may be necessary during pandemics but is a personal choice.

In addition to these suggestions, take time to decompress. Turn off the noise (and the news) - pray, meditate, read, enjoy a walk outside.

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