What's Your Favorite Food?

When we think about things that make us healthy most people’s minds go straight to diet and exercise. Diet and exercise are certainly important but something I am learning through my course work for become a certified health coach is that there is so much more than just exercise and diet. My course work calls it “primary foods.” Primary foods include the health of your relationships, career satisfaction and finances, just to name a few. The thought is that you can have someone that eats all the right things- stays away from sugar, eats a ton of veggies and exercises regularly, yet they still seem to have health problems. But when you look deep into their life... they aren’t happy! They may be miserable in their marriage or job... they may be financially insecure or have no close friends to rely on. All of these things are primaty foods that are not in good balance with the rest of their life. It’s important to really evaluate your life in regards to your level of happiness, spirituality or joy. Maybe you need to write a gratitude list... or find a faith community where you feel accepted... or just getting your home organized. All of these things help to balance our lives so that we can live healthy and experience life at its fullest.

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