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Social Justice

Recently we launched Reaching Rutherford, which is an initiative for racial reconciliation and social justice around the LGBTQ community. 

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Reaching Rutherford is a Community News and Forum designed to reach all members of Rutherford County, NC, and allow space for individual concerns, comments, and personal stories surrounding social issues in the county. It is a grass-roots initiative that will become a catalyst for social change in greater parts of Rutherford County legislation and government. You can access the forum here or by clicking the logo.

 What is the

Holistic Health includes the body, mind, soul, and society. As a collective society have a "body". We are aware of the sicknesses that plague our societal body and seek to enact justice for these inequities. Healing the wounds of our society leads to more all-embracing wellness on an individual level. 

of Blue Ridge Hope's Social Justice Initative?